Let the Games Begin!

1st Round Entries Open on Monday, August 14th, 2017 

Be sure to check the NEWS section for all of the latest updates and additional information. 


The 2017 Art Olympics competition is open to all artists age 18 and over. This competition is designed to award the best artists for overall work submitted throughout the competition, rather than based on a single piece of work. There are seven (7) rounds of competition. An artist must 'survive' the first round in order to be eligible to continue on to compete in the second round, and so on. However, each artist may use the 2nd Chance option one time in the competition during Rounds 1-5. The 2nd Chance option is NOT available for Rounds 6 or 7. Once an artist has been eliminated for a second time, he/she will not be eligible to compete in the remaining rounds of the competition. (There's always next year!) 

Each round will be open to the public to vote for their favorite pieces of work for 5 days. A panel of judges will also be voting on art in each round. The use of a judging panel aids in eliminating the possibility of online voter fraud. Artists are ENCOURAGED to use social media to appeal to the general public to vote for their piece entered in the current round of the competition.  A person may vote for their favorite artwork(s) once per day. Half of the artists that advance to the next round is based on public vote, while the other half that is selected to advance is done so by the judges panel. All decisions are FINAL.

The annual Art Olympics competition is open to both 2D and 3D fine art creations. 

Examples of acceptable art:

  • Drawings & Illustrations 
  • Paintings (Oils, Acrylics, Watercolours, Mixed Medium, etc.)
  • Sculptures
  • Pottery 
  • Carvings

Examples of unacceptable art: 

  • Photography
  • Digitally produced art
  • Installation Art
  • Crafts (Contact us if you have questions!)
  • Pottery from molds
  • Art created in a class or under instructor supervision
  • Group/Collaborated Art

Artists should keep in mind that the Art Olympics competition consists of seven (7) rounds of competition, therefore use care when planning your entry strategy... i.e. submit quality representations of your work/style for each round, but you might want to save your absolute best piece for the final round of the competition. But keep in mind each piece you enter must be good enough to advance you on to the next round. 

Each person may vote once per day, therefore encourage your family, friends and admirers of your work to come back to to vote for your art every day during the voting windows of each round of the competition. Please be aware that if an artist is caught spamming or generating illegitimate votes he/she will be disqualified from the competition immediately! 


Beginning Monday, August 14th, 2017 the ENTER link will be active to accept entries into the 2017 Art Olympics competition. 

Entry into the 1st Round of the 1027 Art Olympics is FREE. Artists invited to participate in Round 2 will have to pay an entry fee of $50 to continue to compete. All entries for Round 2 must include the required entry fee. Submissions made without the required entry fee will be deleted. Artists wishing to use the 2nd Chance option available to advance in Rounds 2-5 may do so only one time by paying an additional $25. fee to continue in the competition. 

Artists must upload quality photos of their work! Images must be at least 1200 pixels X 1200 pixels. It is also recommended that the image submitted be 300 dpi for clarity.  We also strongly suggest that you NOT include frames in your uploaded images. The judging is about the ART, not the frame. If a piece is framed, simply crop the image so it shows only the art work, preferably on a solid white background.

All art submitted must be original art created solely by the artist entering the piece. At this time the Art Olympics does not accept photography or digitally created pieces. The Art Olympics Committee is considering offering a competition in 2018 solely for digital artists.  

Artists who advance to the Final (7th) Round of the 2017 Art Olympics competition must submit a piece that the artist will be required to ship to the Art Olympics Gallery at the end of the competition in the event the artist is selected as a finalist. The finalists will have their art on display at the Ozarks Art Gallery from December 22nd, 2017 - June 29th, 2018. Each piece must be available for sale with a price no greater than $10,000. Each artist also agrees that if the piece is sold while on display at the Ozarks Art Gallery a 30% commission will be retained by the gallery as compensation. (This is discounted from the regular 40% commission) At the end of the display contract the Ozarks Art Gallery will ship unsold art back to the artist at the expense of the gallery. All art is insured while at the gallery and when shipped back to the artist. Insurance is not included when shipping art to the gallery. This should be obtained by the artist. 


The mission of the Art Olympics competition is to reward the best artist from around the world. To initially enter the First (1st) Round of the 2017 Art Olympics competition is FREE. There is an entry fee of $50. required to submit artwork to Round 2 of the 2017 Art Olympics. Art selected to move forward in Rounds 2-6 do NOT incur any additional fees. In the event an artist is eliminated in a round and would like to exercise the 2nd Chance option, he/she may do so by paying an additional $25. fee to continue in the competition. Each artist may only use the 2nd Chance option one time throughout the competition. 

Entry Fee for Each Round 

Round 1:    $ 0.00  FREE 

Round 2:    $50.00 USD 

Round 3:    $0.00  FREE

Round 4:    $0.00  FREE

Round 5:    $0.00  FREE

Round 6:    $0.00  FREE

Round 7:    $0.00  FREE

2nd Chance option is only available once per artist to compete in Rounds 2-5.
2nd Chance option is NOT available to advance to Rounds 6 or 7.